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Six days every week (Monday through Saturday), the Daily News-Sun delivers world, national, state, sports and local news, weather forecasts and maps, crosswords, comics, puzzles, recipes, full-day TV grids, history, ads, coupons and more.

We believe that unbiased journalism matters. We report the news, not our views. No fake news, and no editorials. We encourage and facilitate the community’s discussion of public issues with our popular Opinions pages.

The Daily News-Sun is a proud member of Independent Newsmedia Inc., USA and part of a non-profit journalistic trust. In the Phoenix-area, INI also publishes nine community newspapers, operates the YourValley.net website and a number of community websites, and a commercial printing operation. Five weeklies and Sun Life Magazine provide unmatched market penetration of the West Valley market in Arizona.

INI is a unique publishing and printing company that supports every American’s First Amendment rights and encourages and assists citizens in exercising those rights responsibly.  Its teams pursue this mission by publishing community newspapers, by providing printing services to other publishers, and by creating citizen-driven community websites. The company pays taxes like any other company, but there are no shareholders, no dividends are paid, and all after-tax profits are reinvested in serving the mission of unbiased community journalism.


Unbiased Journalism Matters!

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