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Delivering powerful business pitches to potential clients and investors is an important task for achieving success as a business leader.
Kyle McDonald wanted a house, but he had little savings and no job. He remembered a game from his childhood called Bigger and Better.
How valued and memorable life will be for the children of Aguila when they find not only toys under their trees this year, but styling clothing.
We went down to the intersection that is in question (“Looking for ‘cat tracks,’” Sun City Independent, Nov. 23, 2022) and wonder what happened.
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I don’t think ‘cat tracks’ at Thunderbird and 105th would cure the problem that Pam Schwartz experienced. Some people know how to turn at an intersection, and some don’t. …
I started writing this piece by thinking about how and what happened in Sun City in the beginning and just how do we have a most unusual community to enjoy today.
Please join me in welcoming Jennifer Shaffer as the new Instructional Services director for the Community Development Adult Education program.
Tiny bubbles. No, I am not referring to the Don Ho hit song, “Tiny Bubbles.”
The Recreation Centers of Sun City board has probably passed the revised bylaws by the time this is published, as well as the 2023 budget.
East Valley Opinions
I am writing this letter as a person that volunteered for 25 years in K-12 classrooms and who believes that education is one of the three key columns on which a healthy democracy requires support.
I have a sticky note on my bathroom mirror. It’s the first thing I see each morning... “I will not let tradition cage my ambition.” Several years ago I participated in a …
PebbleGo is an online, supplemental curriculum leveraged by Scottsdale Unified School District for kindergarten to fifth-grade students. Promoted as an “engaging multimedia” that will …
The holidays are usually a time for celebration and feelings of joy. The idea of getting together with family, living out traditions, and taking much needed R&R are some of the best parts of the …
As Arizona has grown in population over the past decades, we have continued to grow our footprint as a go-to location for travelers in the United States and around the globe.
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Think vaping is safe alternative to cigarettes? Think again

In the past decade, vaping has reached epidemic levels and has become prevalent among middle and high schoolers across the country.

Giving thanks for the gift of a life well-lived

Thanksgiving is always the time of year when we are forced to contemplate those things which make us grateful. I use the word “forced” not as a criticism, but as a fact: The whole holiday …

Burhop: Questions to be answered

We will have new representative control in the US House of Representatives come January. Let the investigations begin. I have some investigations to suggest: Was the moon landing faked? Who was …
FILE - A 2021 Ford Mustang Mach E charges at a Ford dealer in Wexford, Pa on May 6, 2021. A new Arizona study says cities and towns can save millions of dollars switching from gas fleets to EV fleets. (AP Photo/Keith Srakocic)

Brown: Arizona transition to electric vehicles will save taxpayers

Saving Taxpayers Money Through Transitioning To Electric Vehicles Arizona cities and towns spend millions of dollars each year buying, fueling, and maintaining vehicles. From pickup trucks to …

Lopez: Shoving patients off telehealth cliff is bad medicine

Lucas, a 35-year-old husband and father of three young girls in Logan, Utah, is facing a difficult decision: whether or not to incur the costly expenses of traveling to Boston for follow-up and care for his rare bone cancer.

Spinka: Do it all over again?

After reading Jonathan Cooper’s biased and obvious left leaning column in the Nov. 18 Daily Independent, I can only conclude that he doesn’t understand that there was gross and numerous irregularities in Maricopa County’s election process on Nov. 8.

Flaming bird protection for Thanksgiving

Are you planning on Deep Frying your Turkey? Here’s how to avoid fires and other mishaps.
Gary Cohen

Cohen: Return to civility long overdue

With more than four decades of major broadcast market experience, I believe I am in a good position to write about the importance of not abusing our First Amendment right to free speech, whether in written or spoken form.

Kirschner: Ward's McCain comment is political malpractice

Dear Editor, "I put a stake in the heart of the McCain Republicans." That comment should go down in the annals of political comments as one of the most profoundly stupid campaign calls in recent …

Svendsen: Little has changed in a year’s time in Sun City

After watching the entirety of the Nov. 1 annual meeting, I express disappointment and frustration at the “movement” our bored (not a typo; I call the majority members that on purpose) has made.

Lebsack: Facility is too expensive, not needed in Sun City

After several years of short-term rental, my wife and I purchased a winter residence south of Grand Avenue in Sun City in 2015.

Burhop: The inmates will be running the asylum

Does anyone remember the problems the Dem's had with Manchin and Sinema mavericking their votes in the Senate?

Arend: Board shut down member comments in Sun City

I was at the Recreation Centers of Sun City Board of Directors meeting Oct. 27.
A pair of golf cars head north on Boswell Boulevard in Sun City. The small, economic vehicles, some electric and some gas powered, are popular in age restricted communities.

Keep children out of Sun City

No, no to allowing any more breaking the age limit of 55 in Sun City.

Depasquale: Control is needed at Sun Bowl in Sun City

So what’s going on with our concerts not getting traffic control at the Sun Bowl?

Kirschner: Historical lies and their consequences

Ken Burns' gripping documentary, "The U.S. and the Holocaust" brought back memories of my own family. My four grandparents immigrated from eastern Europe in the 1890s and settled in New York. My …

Thompson: Much bigger issue not addressed

I was excited to read your headline article about signage (“Safety concerns raised over signs,” Sun City West Independent, Nov. 9, 2022) in Sun City West but feel that your article overlooks a much bigger and potentially greater and dangerous situation.

Cantor: Addressing silence, Scottsdale’s first responders

First of all, I am alive and almost well. Now if you know me you will know I am happy in my little rut. For example, I lived in the same house my parents bought when we moved to Scottsdale for 60 years. Lots of memories some wonderful, some sad, some ridiculous, all with lifelong learning experiences.
A pair of golf cars head north on Boswell Boulevard in Sun City. The small, economic vehicles, some electric and some gas powered, are popular in age restricted communities.

Heiman: Say no to another challenge

No to yet another age overlay challenge.

Totten: Important dates coming up in Sun City

Some important dates to remember are fast approaching.
Ali Vanatta, MD, Phoenix Children’s Pediatrics

Vanatta: Do your homework: A health insurance guide for families

Open enrollment for the 2023 benefit year is now upon us, giving many people an opportunity to weigh their healthcare options for the year ahead. It’s not a simple process for anyone. Those …

Recreation Centers of Sun City bylaw draft is flawed, needs work

First of all, I would like to thank most of the members of the ad hoc committee for all their time and effort, and I’ll get back to that a little later.
three teenagers sitting on chairs in a church with a priest

Seeburger: Pastor gets it right on expectations in Sun City

Pastor Tom Tripp has a great article on expectations.

Kvaran: Young people help Sun City reader in distress

Recently my knees decided to stop functioning, leaving me floundering with a few things that I had to do.
Jack Hastings

Jack Hastings: District 5 Newsletter — November 2022

Join us in honoring our service men and women at the 8th annual city of Surprise Veterans Day Parade on Friday, November 11.

Provateare: Winter visitors should keep yards clean in Sun City

I notice some winter visitors neglect their yards when they are away for the season.

Lehrer: Being thankful, expressing gratitude

As we turn another page on the calendar, we enter this upcoming holiday season with gratitude and appreciation.

Alexander: Will the real Barry Graham please stand up

Another Valley newspaper reported that City Council candidate Barry Graham has accepted nearly $20,000 in donations from developers. This is shocking, as Graham has run a single-issue campaign …

Pabis & Gulick: Supporting school override based on our own SUSD education

As graduates of Saguaro and Chaparral respectively, we have lots of friendly rivalry when it comes to who had the best experience in high school — and which football team is better. As …
Ken Remley

Ken Remley: District 4 Newsletter — November 2022

The city is gathering feedback from residents about the programs and services they would like to see in the future Multigenerational Community Resource Center.
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