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As many hopefully know, I am quite active on social media and work hard at engaging the public through civil discussion and educational moments as one of your elected representatives and as a … more
So much is being said about the right to vote. The part that is of concern to me is the specifics. I am not aware of any individual or group that is being denied the right to vote. more
Both Pres. Biden and Sen. Romney are activated by an understanding of religion that might best be described as “Christianity Lite.” They feel called to seek unity, never be judgmental, be a loving neighbor to all, and take a soft-shoe approach to knotty public problems. more
Voting rights? I’m puzzled. Why should there be any issue re: the right of all U.S. citizens to be able to vote? Or why make it more difficult for any U.S. citizen to vote? more
I am so sick and tired of hearing the Democrats claim that there is “voter suppression” in this country! I would like them to publish the names of anyone who has been denied the right to vote if they are a citizen of the U.S. and have proper ID. They talk about the minorities not having ID. What an insult to them! more
Please be open-minded about other people’s thoughts on the COVID-19 pandemic. Throughout history, scientists have been ridiculed and demoralized in their lifetime only to be proven right after their death. more

I would like to offer my opinion to all who have offered theirs in the Wednesday, Jan. 19, 2022, edition of the Sun City West Independent. First everyone has a right to an opinion, which most of the commenters agreed and then in their next breath they proceeded to say everyone else’s opinions were wrong. more
As an avid football fan “by marriage” and out of desperation to have conversations with my spouse during the football season, observing women in various capacities in the NFL is a welcome change. more
Put down the phone! So here we are, in early 2022, and you may have already blown off your New Year’s resolutions to lose weight, get more sleep and be more patient with your in-laws. OK, you tried. A little. It’s not like it’s life or death or anything. But ADOT wants to suggest a few resolutions that actually could save your life. more
The fight against human trafficking demands our attention. In well-appointed homes, on farms, in factories and in restaurants in the U.S., thousands of people, even children, work long days cleaning homes, picking crops, making products, washing dishes, busing tables and serving customers. more
Dec. 1, 2021 will go down as an important date in American history. Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which was argued on the day, has the potential to rewrite abortion law in the United States. more
Entering the new year, Americans are increasingly divided. They clash not only over differing opinions on COVID-19 risk or abortion, but basic facts like election counts and whether vaccines work. Surveying rising political antagonism, journalist George Packer recently wondered in The Atlantic, “Are we doomed?” more
You are humming along, just finished playing a round of golf, when you pull up to the cart drop-off. You reach to grab your bag off the cart and wham, pain on the inside of your elbow makes you drop … more

It was 1939, and Monroe Wingate was just 9 years old when his father returned home from a business trip with a little package of German stamps. Two of them depicted an eagle circling the world with a swastika. Hitler’s invasion of Europe was all over the news and the young boy knew he was holding a piece of history. more
With the Omicron variant spreading rapidly, Arizona has seen more COVID-19 cases in the past week than any other week of the pandemic. Alongside this increase, we’ve seen more people seeking care in hospital emergency rooms and more people seeking COVID-19 testing. more
Dear Sen. Sinema: I am respectfully writing to you with regard to the implications of your stated position on two issues, the filibuster rule in the Senate and the proposed voting rights act. more
First, I want to thank the Sun City Independent for publishing Mr. Reilly’s views and to thank him for presenting his views in the form of a prediction for 2022. more
I write to respond to the letter from Barbara Plona in the Jan. 12 edition of the Sun City Independent. With all due respect, the attitude expressed in that letter is exactly the reason the panhandlers at our major intersections will be around for a long time. more
Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day — On this holiday, we celebrate one of the great civil rights leaders of the 20th century. The Rev. King challenged Americans to uphold the Declaration of Independence’s promise “...that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” more
Imagine two children on a playground. These kids play. They laugh. They are helping each other on the slides and sharing a sandwich for lunch. At 4 years old, these children — one Black and one White — see each other as they see themselves. more

This weekend we pause to honor the life of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and to interpret his words calling upon America to see the content of the character before judging anyone’s person. On Feb. 23, 2020, a 25-year-old African-American man lay dead in the street of a predominantly White neighborhood near Brunswick, Georgia, killed by three White vigilantes. more
In 2020, a historic coalition of Arizona voters mobilized in support of then-candidate Joe Biden be-cause, in no small part, of his campaign pledges to protect our democracy, deliver for racial justice, and invest billions of dollars to support working people nationwide. more
As learning disruptions hit national headlines, again, school decisions are top-of-mind for many Arizona parents. While the circumstances are unfortunate, it’s not a bad time for families to be thinking about school choice options for next school year. more
Over the years I have noticed many in Sun City leaving excess oranges, lemons and grapefruit for garbage collection. more
I am deeply concerned with the reluctance to change or get rid of the filibuster, especially in relation to voting rights. I have to admit, I can’t figure out why Sen. Sinema is against it because she has not really said anything other than “NO”. Given the enormous impact to this country if we don’t pass the voting rights bills, I don’t feel that is an acceptable response. more
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