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Brewer: Arizona seniors deserve a future of economic security

Arizona seniors deserve to enjoy a future of economic security and prosperity for many years to come — and it’s imperative that we elect political leaders who have what it takes to build …

Cline: I'm ready to get to work

Hastings: I'm thankful for election win

District 5 Q&A: Kawika Henderson


Letters: Mankiewicz gives his response to Grim letter

In reply to Raymond Grim’s response to my letter of Sept. 23, I urge Mr. Grim to go to the documents rather than relying on hearsay and talking points.
Thomas Lasco

Public schools think too highly of themselves

As has been said repeatedly, “more money does not guarantee a good education.” It seems that this is a difficult concept to grasp for some people.

Letters: Former mayor takes exception to Grim letter

I left the city of Surprise and returned to private life nearly two years ago. But no one should be surprised that I remain interested in the health and long-term success of the city.

Letters: Too many ignore requests to wear masks

My wife and I went to a restaurant in Surprise for dinner yesterday.

Letters: Sad to see woman without mask in photo

I’m very disappointed in the Sept. 30 front page Costco photo. Why would you select a person removing their face mask, in a store, for a front-page image?
Roland Winters

Winters: District 1 Newsletter — October

Well, hello again to all the residents in District 1 and, indeed, to every citizen of this great city we are all blessed to live in.

Letters: City needs to be smarter where businesses go

I read with interest the Letter to the Editor from Merrill Edelstein on this topic in the Sept. 30 edition, and could not agree with her more.

Letters: Independent is pushing pro-tax propaganda

On Sept. 30, the Surprise Independent published an issue that is best described as a massive pro-tax-hike propaganda piece. 

Letters: Good education is what is important

Given this pandemic, which has adversely impacted all of our lives, it’s important that we keep our eyes on things that are important — one of which is providing our children an excellent educational system that produces high-quality, student graduates which helps them be successful in this ever-changing world. 

Letters: It’s time to pay it back to today’s students

We are retired. Our kids are grown. So, you might say we don’t have a dog in this fight [for the Dysart Unified School District override], but we most certainly do, and so do our friends and neighbors who chose to live in one of the greatest communities in the country.