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Carol Ciocca-Secord


Carol born in Lyman, Nebraska on 12 December 1934, Carol Inness spent much of her young adult life living, teaching and travelling in Europe and eventually settled in Arizona in 1977. From the early 1980’s, she was fascinated with life in Sun City, Arizona and began her first activity there, teaching at Rio Salado college, helping retirees achieve their dreams of attaining a degree as well as self-interest classes such as “Memory and Memoir”. She later created, edited and wrote for the magazine “The New Mature Woman”, which had a wide circulation in Sun City, and had a column in The Sun City Daily News Sun for several years. Carol also gave many speeches to groups in Sun City, such as “Circles of Love” and “Laughing Yourself to Health”.
Carol enjoyed her life to the utmost, and spent months in a RV and hiking mountain trails with her loving husband Ron Secord. She travelled throughout Europe, Asia and South and North America (36 countries in total) and knocked everything off of her “to do” list. She frequently traveled to Italy to spend time with her son and his family. One of her many lists was her “new experience” one, in which she aimed to have a new experience every day of the year...and she did for over 15 consecutive years!
She lived by the anecdote, “it is never too late”. Her two surviving children, Susan and Steven, and her friends, whose lives she has touched, will dearly miss her. Love you mom!