Canyon View High School may soon be incorporated into Buckeye

District hopes annexation will pave way for full-time school resource officer


Agua Fria High School District officials are moving forward on a plan to incorporate Canyon View High School into the neighboring city of Buckeye, according to Deputy Superintendent of Operations Tom Huffman, who spoke at a May 4 board meeting.  

Canyon View, located at 6024 N. Perryville Road, is currently on unincorporated county land, but is just “a parcel or so away” from Buckeye and already part of the city’s planning area, Huffman said. 

The high school of 1,400 students lacks a full-time resource officer; But if the merge pans out, the district could fill the full-time position with the Buckeye Police Department. 

Huffman said the district has been working closely with city officials to move the annexation forward, which could be finalized as soon as Aug. 5, 2022. 

He said incorporation would be beneficial due to the district’s longstanding relationship with the city, which began in 2005 with the construction of Verrado High School, the district’s only school presently located within Buckeye city limits. 

“One of the big benefits is that we already partner with the city of Buckeye on a lot of things,” Huffman said. “We’ve been great partners with the city of Buckeye, they have been great supporters of us over the years.”

Tom Huffman

The merge makes sense from a resource perspective. Buckeye is roughly 375-square-miles, while Maricopa County is nearly 25 times larger, at over 9,200-square-miles.

Huffman reported to the board that he has seen no opposition to the annexation. 

Next, a blank petition will go before Buckeye City Council on June 7. No action will be taken at that meeting, but the city would need to begin gathering signatures of area property owners near Beardsley and Bethany Home roads, where Canyon View is located.

According to Huffman, the only property owners in the area who would need to sign off are the county water district and “a couple of utilities” operating in the area.

“Everybody has somewhat agreed to this, and there’s been no resistance to it,” Huffman said. “We think that those signatures will be attained pretty easily.”

If the necessary signatures are gathered, the issue will go before the Buckeye City Council a final time on July 5. If the annexation is passed, there will be a 30-day waiting period before Canyon View is officially incorporated into Buckeye. 

It is unclear whether the district-owned parcel will be the only land impacted by the annexation. 

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