Austin: We deserve a vote on Southbridge 2


Dear mayor and councilmembers,

It has come to my attention that Carter Unger wants to repeal his Southbridge Two project, which will be on the City Council docket next Tuesday.

This is not right! This item must be postponed as many people in our community would like to have a voice and vote in November which we earned by successfully collecting 17,500 signatures to put it on the ballot.

How can you possibly vote on such a contentious issue without giving citizens the right to speak during public comment? If this moves forward, then citizens who want to make a public comment should be able to participate in the video meeting.

Thousands of us sent a powerful message to Mr. Unger that we don’t like the size and density of such a massively dense and tall project on steroids.

Countless events, meetings, conventions, etc. have been postponed and voting on this item next week is taking advantage of the pandemic. You must postpone this item until the citizens can participate.

It’s protocol and democracy.

Editor’s Note: Emily Austin is a Scottsdale resident.