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just_scrolling I think is a member of Susan Wood's political group. Wood runs a political group that produces conspiracy-theory videos destroying Scottsdale's brand by claiming we are out of water, have horrible traffic, terrible pollution. What does it say about Candidate Barry Graham when he attends fundraisers from this group? What does it say about Councilor Kathy Littlefield when she endorses these videos on her Facebook page. It says these people are so negative about Scottsdale and shouldn't represent us. It says Graham and Littlefield are so ideologically opposed to growth and intent on pandering to fear that they will set fire to our brand to get elected. They are telling the world we are a miserable place, don't come here.

Wood and Bob Littlefield infamously ran the anonymous GoFundMe that funneled cash into racist science-denying Guy Phillips' pockets. Can you trust them?

Barry Graham lies. In tonight's forum, Graham said that 100,000 apartments added to our existing housing supply of 130,000 units would not affect prices. Graham said he has degrees in economics and accounting, which makes his denial of supply and demand even more shameful. Graham claimed the the approval of Greenbelt 88 was causing Uncle Sal's restaurant to close, which is completely untrue as per the owner of the plaza. Graham claimed that there are 10,000 apartments about to be built in Scottsdale despite a report this week from the Planning department showing only 3300 were under construction, 3000 granted zoning but not yet approved, and 1500 proposed but not having even been granted zoning. Barry Graham has denied the results of the 2020 election, absent any facts whatsoever. Barry Graham can not be trusted.

From: Fishman: A candidate without ideas or experience

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