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I’m not part of any campaign. I know who Fishman is, but probably one of the few people who do, so why would anyone trust anything he has to say? He has no reputation for being a credible, non-bias citizen. In fact, he’s purposely only telling one side of an issue and has left anything that doesn’t fit his narrative out. That’s not how credible source acts.. This is a hit piece, plain and simple. An article that talks disparaging and lies about one person, is a hit piece. If someone has so many real questions, you go to the source to get them answered. Obviously he isn’t really interested in the truth or the answers to the questions he asks. I’m sure he’s been recruited because the “usuals” have lost all credibility by calling people names, claiming anyone who doesn’t want more luxury apartments is racist, they blatantly lie to the public and being up private citizens names over and over and over again and the community is sick to death of them and their BS. I guarantee you, if the “usuals” weren’t so combative and belligerent (which is their chosen tactic) that citizens would head them out. No one wants more vitriol. But, I’m not sure any of them are capable of that.

I assume you know what a non-renewable resource is, and clean water is not one of them. I understand that this hits certain peoples pocketbooks, but it is what it is. Months ago, Pinal county stopped all residential construction because of lack of water. Rio Verde got cut off from Scottsdales water supply. Regardless of how high tech a system is, it will not provide water for a million people in Scottsdale for eternity. That’s a fact that no one chooses to address, and it won’t be addressed until we are in a crisis, and then it’s too late.

From: Fishman: A candidate without ideas or experience

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