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In the peak of a housing crisis that has been worsening for years, three candidates campaign on a promise to make it worse. Crazier still, yesterday Council Member Betty Janik actually called for a moratorium on any and all multi-family construction. If you believe she meant what she said, duplex townhomes would be banned.

If Graham, Whitehead and Littlefield get elected, Janik's ban on new construction is precisely what will happen for the next four years.

I cannot think of a better way to kill the Scottsdale economy than to mandate that our already rapidly aging population never be supplemented with young families who want to move in. That none of the critical workers who serve our City could ever hope to live here.

Scottsdale is already on the path towards the most Assisted Living Centers in the County. We have the County's oldest population and one of our zip codes is actually the oldest in the United States.

Electing Graham, Whitehead and Littlefield assures to sit with Janik is economic suicide.

From: Fishman: A candidate without ideas or experience

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