Encanterra annexation on hold; challenge filed in Pinal County Superior Court


The annexation of the 755-acres Encanterra --- generally south of Combs Road from Gantzel to Kenworthy roads --- into the Town of Queen Creek has been delayed due to a challenge filed with Pinal County Superior Court by the Encanterra Residents Against Annexation.

The Queen Creek Town Council on Oct. 16 approved the annexation with a 30-day waiting period to be effective on Nov. 19.

“The effective date of the annexation is being delayed until a decision is rendered by the court,” according to the Town of Queen Creek’s website.

Named as defendants in case No. S1100CV201901736 are the Town of Queen Creek, Mayor Gail Barney, Vice Mayor Robin Benning and council members Jeff Brown, Jake Hoffman, Dawn Oliphant, Emilena Turley and Julia Wheatley, according to the court’s listing of cases filed Nov. 10-16.

Encanterra Residents Against Annexation has a group Facebook page @ EncanterraResidents4STV and used to be known as Encanterra Residents for San Tan Valley.

The lawsuit is a topic of a Dec. 4 closed-door executive session of the Queen Creek Town Council. The council is to discuss and consult with the town’s attorney for legal advice and with the attorney and town representatives to consider the town’s position and instruct its attorneys regarding the lawsuit, according to the agenda.

“The town is working to oppose the challenge and to encourage a prompt decision. Contests --- challenges --- are given priority over all other civil cases, except election actions,” the town’s website states.

Rural Metro and Pinal County Sheriff’s Office will continue providing emergency services to Encanterra until the annexation is effective, according to the town.