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Scottsdale Happily Ever After League offers local mothers support through devastating times

Fiesta Bowl Charities helps mothers fight back against cancer

Scottsdale-based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, the Happily Ever After League, was created in 2004 with a focus to help mothers in need during a cancer diagnosis.
Scottsdale-based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, the Happily Ever After League, was created in 2004 with a focus to help mothers in need during a cancer diagnosis.
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A cancer diagnosis is an affliction all too common in American households --- but when the devastating diagnosis hits the matriarch of a family unit the blow is monumental.

The mother of any family oftentimes plays myriad roles for sons and daughters alike making sure stomachs are full, homework is done and there is an outfit ready for tomorrow.

The mother is the proverbial glue that keeps millions of families together across the globe.

“The mission of the Happily Ever After League (HEAL) is to provide support to mothers diagnosed with cancer living with a least one dependent child,” said Lauren Daniels, Happily Ever After League founder and executive director. “Cancer comes with a very hefty price tag. Many moms find that they have mounting bills and loss of work from treatment and the combination can be devastating for many.”

Scottsdale-based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, the Happily Ever After League, was created in 2004.

Officials there report five to 10 mothers every month receive assistance with support that helps offset the costs involved in cancer recovery. The Happily Ever After League is at 11445 E. Vía Linda.

Ms. Daniels, a breast cancer survivor, found her own battle with cancer to be a struggle not only for herself but also her children.

“HEAL provides a one-time grant to moms in the time of their most immediate need,” Ms. Daniels said of the program that grew out of her own ordeal. “The grant helps pay for medical bills, medication and co-payments. Ongoing support is offered monthly through HEALing House programs and outreach.”

Ms. Daniels contends the grant dollars make a difference but the HEALing House also plays a vital role.

“In addition to the one-time grant, HEAL offers social support through programs at the HEALing House from makeovers to art therapy and holiday-related events. It’s a great place for families to gather and get a time out from cancer,” she explained.

“HEAL’s Outreach programs provide backpacks, school supplies and holiday gifts so mothers can focus their expenses on treatment and necessities.”
Ms. Daniels explains Happily Ever After League is one of only a few who put money in the hands of clients.

“HEAL is one of few local charities that helps monetarily during a cancer diagnosis and sometimes It feels like a revolving door is on our bank account,” she said of the need.

“The more we bring in the more we can give to mothers and their families during the time they need it the most. HEAL is very proud that they have never turned away a mom in need and they are grateful to organizations such as Fiesta Bowl Charities for partnering with them in support of their mission.”

This year, Fiesta Bowl Charities provided the Happily Ever After League with a $25,000 grant to aid the organization’s mission.

“The Fiesta Bowl Charities grant is being used to support all programs that touch kids,” Ms. Daniels said.

“The money has gone to purchase gifts and gift cards for the children of the moms that HEAL helps to ensure they had a happy holiday. It was also used for backpacks and back to school supplies for HEAL families.”

Support during the most vulnerable times

Jose Moreno, Fiesta Bowl marketing director, finds nonprofit endeavors in the Valley of the Sun to be a vital part of what makes a place feel like a community.

“Happily Ever After supports mothers during their most vulnerable time of need,” he said.

“The organization provides resources for them as they get through this difficult time by relieving some of the financial burdens they might face on day-to-day necessities.”

Offering support through monetary means can oftentimes be the difference between feeling hope instead of despair.

“Nonprofit organizations are incredibly important within our community,” he said.

“It truly takes a village to help individuals go through cancer treatment. For organizations such as Happily Ever After, charitable organizations help ease the financial stress with something as small as a gift card. By providing resources and connections with those who have gone through the same fight, it allows mothers to conquer their journey head-on with support.”

From the Fiesta Bowl Charities perspective, Mr. Moreno contends the idea of goodwill is ingrained within the leadership of the organization.

“As a nonprofit organization, the Fiesta Bowl allocates funding to grant nonprofits across Arizona through charitable giving in the areas of youth, sports and education. The dollars come from the numerous events we stage throughout the calendar year, including ticket sales, and corporate partnerships. All of those revenues go back into our Arizona community.”

All are welcome to apply to the charitable arm of the Fiesta Bowl, Mr. Moreno confirms.

“All nonprofits that serve Arizonans may apply for grant funding, with the application period opening on April 6 through May 5, by visiting All applications are evaluated individually by our Community Relations and Charitable Giving Committee, for the maximum community impact in the areas of youth, sports and education.”

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