SAFIN: Help our communities return to a brighter future


Gov. Doug Ducey’s executive order on March 25 certainly had and will continue to have an impact on our community. Whether you agree or disagree with the transition of “required” virus mitigation to “recommended,” it’s here.

We hope and pray things will continue to improve, of course. If things go the other way, it might be difficult to put the toothpaste back in the tube, as the saying goes.

You might have seen some of the reports that talked about what may or may not return because of the pandemic. As much as I think the mullet outfit should go away, there’s a smart, entrepreneur-minded person who created the fashion line soon to be seen on the runways in New York and Milan.

Smiles most definitely need to be seen again. Yes, the eyes usually showed the person was smiling, but it wasn’t quite the same.

You never know whose day you brightened by giving him or her a casual smile while doing everyday activities. Some people, including me, probably deserve the traditional sticking out of the tongue.

So, what’s next?

Anticipating the future begins with having as much information as possible. You can help with this. Please take the Southwest Valley Chamber’s “Post-COVID Prep” survey at tinyurl.com/swvcsurvey. Your input would be useful to the entire community.  

We learned much over the past 14 months.

We discovered how to adapt and survive in an ever-changing situation. The pandemic made many realize who and what are truly priorities in their life.

Sadly, too many of us will miss family and friends who passed. It does ache and it will ache. Since we’re all made of star-stuff, their glow will be with us forever.

Things will go slowly, so please remember to be courteous and respectful.

Let’s take what we’ve learned and let’s do our part to make the best future possible.

The Southwest Valley community is a great place because of its people. Let’s carry that into the infinite future.

Editor’s note: John Safin is Southwest Valley Chamber of Commerce president and CEO.