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More development on Buckeye Council agenda


BUCKEYE — More steps toward new developments within the city of Buckeye are on the agenda for that municipality’s city Council at Tuesday’s meeting.

One of the consent agenda items for the meeting, to be held at 6 p.m. at City Hall on East Monroe Avenue, is a request to consolidate four parcels for a large residential development.

The Hancock Communities Site Plan was approved by the city’s Planning and Zoning Commission on April 13, 2021. The site plan calls for 394 multifamily single-story homes.

The applicant, Janine Long of Blueprint White Tanks LLC, requested a minor subdivision for a property between Interstate 10 and Sundance Avenue, with 230th Lane to the east and Watson Road businesses to the west. Long and her consultant seek to consolidate four existing parcels into two new parcels, as well as dedicate additional right of way for the future right-turn lanes along Sundance Avenue.

The city says, in a staff report, the benefits of the consolidation include the creation of the new lots for development, the opportunity for dedication of utility crossings, right-turn lane dedication, access to emergency entrances and exits and cross access to the property directly to the west for a future private driveway access.

There are several other development items on the consent agenda. These include a lot split for the Roers Downtown Buckeye apartment complex plan and a $720,000 contract to complete an addition and facade improvements at the Buckeye Valley Museum.

The council’s discussion and action items on Tuesday’s agenda include an infrastructure agreement with CRE-Commerce AZ. That company wants to build an 860,000-square-foot speculative industrial building on 72 acres that are on the northwest corner of Miller Road and Lower Buckeye Road.

Improvements in that project include roadway widening and intersection improvements, new traffic signals, curb and gutter, curb returns, pedestrian ramps, new pavement, signs and marking. CRE-Commerce AZ would be reimbursed $923,000 for overseeing those improvements.

There is also a workshop set for 3:30 p.m. That’s where the council will be briefed on several topics, including the increasing trend of requests by developers to build bungalow-style, stand-alone homes.


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