Stargazing Night draws 100-plus participants in Surprise

Imagine Rosefield hosts annual science fair night


Imagine Rosefield fourth grade students, teachers and families participated in the third annual Stargazing and Science Fair Night on the Surprise campus, 12050 N. Bullard Ave., Jan. 14.

As part of the Solar System study, students’ projects focused on the theme of “Objects in the Sky,” and included research on planets, phases of the moon, and designing a space station on the moon.

“This has been the biggest turnout we’ve had for this annual activity. Over 107 participants joined us, in identifying the constellations, enjoying sky folklore, and learning how to set up a telescope,” Imagine Rosefield fourth grade teacher Sally Hunt stated.

This community event was made possible in partnership with Stargazing for Everyone, a company that specializes in educating adults and children on how to use planispheres and star charts to find interesting objects to observe, successfully setting up and using a telescope, observing celestial bodies including the moon, planets, stars, nebulae and galaxies.

Students and parents were able to view craters on the moon, the cloud bands of Jupiter, the rings of Saturn, nebulae and galaxies millions of light-years away. Stargazing for Everyone also teaches techniques for photographing the night sky and the moon.

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