A-frames temporarily allowed outside Surprise businesses


Because of problems COVID-19, or the coronavirus, has caused businesses across Surprise, they are now able to display an A-frame sign along the roadway or roadway that's closest.

The city of Surprise temporarily lifted restrictions on the signs March 30 during Mayor Skip Hall’s state of emergency declaration.

The city is still requiring a set of restrictions on the signs. They include:

  • Signs can’t be placed in any public or private street or sidewalk.
  • They must be placed behind the sidewalk and not between sidewalk and street curb.
  • Signs can’t be placed within any visibility triangle, such as 30 feet from curb intersection.
  • A 12-square-foot sign area that’s two-sided.
  • Four-foot maximum height.
  • Signs must be maintained in good order and repair.
  • Sign’s copy must be legible.
  • Signs must be properly anchored or weighted to prevent movement but shall not be chained or cabled.
  • Signs shall have the internal spacing between faces of 45 degrees. Each face shall be fabricated of a wood, hard plastic or metal material that is at least one-half inch thick with no unfinished, sharp or rough edges.

For businesses that are using banners, city officials are reminding them they must be secured on a building, and the banner must be attached properly to the building at each corner of the banner.

Banners cannot be attached to freestanding poles or vegetation.

The maximum size is one square foot per linear foot of lease front, and it’s not to exceed 500 square feet. That means a store with 20 feet of lease front will be allowed a 20 square-foot banner, which is a 5-by-4-foot sign.

The sign must be maintained in good order and repair, and the banner can’t exceed 80% of lease frontage or building frontage of a single tenant building.

The city also allows a sign walker in any zoning.

The walkers may carry a maximum of two single-sided signs not exceeding three square feet of sign copy each or one double-sided sign not exceeding 12 square feet of aggregate sign copy.

They’re not allowed, however, within 30 feet of any street or driveway intersection.

A sign walker isn’t allowed on the street, nor may he or she prohibit the safe passage of anyone using a public or private sidewalk.

The complete city sign code is available at surpriseaz.gov/signcode.