Sun City used book store reopens doors

Closed for more than year due to COVID-19


Books Around the Corner, the Friends of the Sun City Libraries’ used book store, hosted a grand reopening May 17 after being closed for well over a year.

Board members and book store volunteers greeted residents and welcomed them to browse for their favorite used books, music and puzzles at bargain prices. First in line at the store, 16828 N. 99th Ave., within the Sun City branch library on the Bell Center campus, was Fran Flick, a Sun City resident and avid fan of the book store.

“Everything looks great and so well organized, especially the children’s section,” she said.

Another community resident observed there being a bigger selection than before.    

Many patrons were checking in frequently with the library in anticipation of the reopening. With recently relaxed Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines, customers stated they felt more relaxed and freer to browse. Manning the front desk and happy to be busy again were long time volunteers Ada Weimer and Sara Kuykendall. 

Led by Mary Anne McDonald, book store manager, volunteers contributed many hours to prepare for the reopening. Much thought was put into planning the traffic pattern and spacing of the aisles as well as organizing the shelves and displays. Customers noticed the order, commenting that it looked like volunteers did a lot of work.

Smiling customers left with treasures and posted hand written notes of gratitude for display on the bulletin board.

Book store hours are 9:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. Monday-Saturday.

Editor’s Note: Ms. Nathanson is a Friends of the Sun City Libraries board member and volunteer.