Opinions with Civility

Brown: Back in the classroom — finally

After more than a calendar year of virtual experience and a plethora of Zoom video conferences, presenters and students for the Rio Institute for Senior Learning, programs are scheduled to be back on the brick-and-mortar campus.

LeVault: Regarding homelessness, the time to act is now

The state of Arizona and Maricopa County now have the dubious distinction of having the fastest growing homeless population in the nation. What should we do, from a public policy standpoint, in response to this problem?

Holick: Maybe time to check out other members in Sun City

Karen McAdam was the lone logical voice on the Recreation Centers of Sun City board.

Toland: Sun City documents might need to be amended

I voted for Karen McAdam and want her back on the Recreation Centers of Sun City Board of Directors.

Andrews: There are reasons for one person running boards in Sun City

I appreciate the detailed information provided by Rusty Bradshaw in an article (“Agencies Work to Solve issues,” Sun City Independent, June 30, 2021).

LeVault: Regarding homelessness, the time to act is now

The state of Arizona and Maricopa County now have the dubious distinction of having the fastest growing homeless population in the nation. What should we do, from a public policy standpoint, in response to this problem?

Ball: Sun City COA should advise they are not condos

The problem I see with the Condo Owners Association giving advice (“Agencies work to solve issues,” Sun City Independent,” June 30, 2021) is that it should begin with informing their members they are not condominiums.

Gnotta: Reader agrees rec fees should be equal in Sun City

I am in support of Olga Linneborn in her letter (“Still disagree with way fees were changed,” Sun City Independent, June 23, 2021) on Recreation Centers of Sun City fees.

Why Maricopa County needs new election equipment

Maricopa County announced this week that it will comply with the Secretary of State’s direction and replace the tabulation equipment that was subpoenaed by the Arizona Senate Republican leadership and provided to an uncertified contractor.

Graham: MCSO does not seem to be responsive to Sun City

My wife and I attended the last Sun City Home Owners Association Roads and Safety Committee meeting in hopes of prodding the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office into some kind of action on the speeding problem that has become so serious on West Peoria and on other through streets in Sun City, such as 103rd and 107th avenues south of Grand Avenue.

Shelledy: Sun City golf courses not retired friendly

You’re on the 11th hole at the North Golf Course, 12650 N. 107th Ave., and you find yourself in the fairway bunker.

Duncan: Sun City CAN offers free benefits assistance interviews

The Mission of the Sun City Community Assistance Network is to, “Connect people with resources to enhance their standard of living.”
Kathy Chandler, Northwest Valley Connect executive director

Chandler: For those who can’t get to a vaccine, there is solution

Northwest Valley Connect volunteers have a concern for those not vaccinated, who remain vulnerable to the possibility of contracting the virus. If one should be you, our volunteers have a solution: they have made themselves available for your assistance.

Depasquale: Singles should pay same as couples in Sun City

This is in response to a letter to the editor (“Still disagree with way fee was changed,” Sun City Independent, June 23, 2021).

Kovac: Leave the soldering to a professional

The Sun City Fire and Medical Department has documented an increase in residential home fires. One of the noted sources of the increase in fires has been correlated to the soldering of pipes when making home repairs.

Marone: RCSC speaker limit rule not proper in Sun City

Speakers at Recreation Centers of Sun City board meetings are now limited to three minutes (“Speakers now limited at meetings,” Sun City Independent, June 23, 2021).

Postgate: Exorcise the corruption in government

One way to clean up the mess that Washington is today would be to send in a dozen or so exorcists who could get rid of the demons that are in control of our government.

Durfey: Realtor offers warnings during an out-of-balance real estate market

It is a challenging residential real estate market in a number of ways right now. There are so many gimmicks from listing the home for a short period of time in order to encourage bidding wars, promises like “making sure” you can stay in your home for weeks to months after closing (a concerning prospect on a whole new level), various discounts for using a particular agent or lender, to promising to purchase your home if it doesn’t sell.

Perry: There is lot of waste in Sun Cities

I saw your article on the wasted water or how to save water in Sun City and surrounding communities.

Sims: Resident yearns for comfort times in Sun City

My idea of a good day begins with two-hour breakfast with someone who is interesting.

Sun City CAN thanks sponsor, urges lock boxes

Sun City Community Assistance Network would like to thank Long Realty West Valley and owner, Gordon Nichols, for underwriting the cost of our “Free Lock Box” program.

Sun City Poms getting ready for return

The pandemic forced the Sun City Poms to close its performances season September 2020 to May 2021.

Reagan: June 27 is PTSD Awareness Day and this is one soldier’s experience

Sunday, June 27, is National Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Injury Awareness Day. It is a day dedicated to raising awareness around the signs, symptoms and stigma associated with PTSD.

Graettinger: Residents can get a preview of Sun City Posse work

The Sun City Posse’s Citizen’s Observer program is a cool and exciting way to get to know what it is like to patrol the streets of our community.

Linneborn: Still disagree with way fee was changed in Sun City

I moved here in 2003, the year the Recreation Centers of Sun City board changed the annual property assessment from “individual” members to “household.”

Peterson: Rock climbing absent in plans for Sun City center

Recreation Centers of Sun City management recently revealed their plans for the Mountain View Center remodel.

Andrews: Sun City HOAs falsely accused; shame CC&Rs put off

I take offense at the Condo Owners Association of Sun City COA newsletter.

O'Malley: Healing your life through change

Healing yourself emotionally is key to your peace, your health and your whole being.

Forde: RCSC fee reasonable; coyotes should stay in Sun City

One is regarding the lady who wrote in and said that single people should not have to pay as much of a Recreation Centers of Sun City property assessment as couples. When we all bought a home in Sun City it was very clear that you pay a fee per household not per person and that you pay the fee regardless of whether or not you use the facilities. It would be wrong to change that after people bought into the system the way it is.

Wheat: Arguments about race not new, even in Sun City

The “critical race” philosophy that is being bantered about today is not new.

Anderson: Coyotes trying to continue in Sun City habitat

I just finished reading the article about the coyotes (“Coyotes infiltrating neighborhood,” Sun City Independent, May 26, 2021). I am wondering if as humans we will ever be able to coexist with anything.

Murray: Getting off the hook of a predatory tow

Many Arizonans can relate to that sinking feeling in their stomach when they return to their parking spot, only to find their car is gone.

Duncan: Disabled persons can get a tax break in Sun City

The Mission of the Sun City Community Assistance Network is to, “Connect people with resources to enhance their standard of living.”

Getman: RCSC needs to consider ADA rules in Sun City

I want to thank Kristi Svendsen for taking time to raise the lack of Americans with Disabilities Act considerations in the recent building remodel.

Kaleugher: Does RCSC have to follow ADA rules?

Maybe before thanking Chris Herring of the Recreation Centers of Sun City, Kristi Svendsen (“ADA has a place in this world,” Sun City Independent, May 26, 2021) should spend a little time in my shoes.

Graettinger: Get your home signed up for Vacation Watch in Sun City

Sun City continues to be a secure and enjoyable place to live, not only because of the committed and wholehearted dedication of the Sun City Posse, but also because there is a program available to residents called Vacation Watch.

Halliday: How can spread of mange be contained?

I read the article about coyotes in neighborhoods (“Coyotes infiltrate neighborhood,” Sun City Independent, May 26, 2021).

Saylor: Fight for single fees in Sun City

This is in response to Carol Landesman’s letter to the editor (“Residents should decide what to include,” Sun City Independent, May 19, 2021).

Ciarla: Removing Sun City activity is narrow-minded

I read your article regarding residents and tennis (“Residents fighting to expand tennis,” Sun City Independent, May 19, 2021) and appreciate you quoting my concern about having variety.

Landesman: Residents should decide what to include in Sun City amenities

I moved to Sun City March 13 this year so am not quite sure what the real issue is about (“RCSC board ejects survey,” Sun City Independent, May 12, 2021) but — and there is always a but.

Wilson: Election time nears, consider getting involved in Sun City

Would you like to get involved? Have you ever thought of running for the Recreation Centers of Sun City Board of Directors?

Andrews: Mother’s sayings still apply

I recall a couple of things my Mother said to me that I believe still apply today.

Oliver: Want to read about local happenings in Sun Cities

It has been my observation of late (several months) that many of the “old” letters to the editors have disappeared.

Oudenhoven: Mask wearing is supported by science

This is in response to the opinion from Bruce Lamb (“Some employees don’t live in Sun City,” Sun City Independent, April 28, 2021).

Anuzis: The larger promise of new vaccine tech

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently announced that fully vaccinated Americans can gather indoors with friends and family — without wearing masks or social distancing.

Sellers: County board defends free, fair elections

Maricopa County government is not involved in the Cyber Ninja audit, but we have provided the Arizona Senate eight terabytes of data, ballots and election equipment involved in the 2020 General Election as commanded by the subpoenas.

Scott: Where were sources to support case?

With the hope of clarity, I read Mr. Kepler’s missive (“Reader tried to correct perceptions,” Sun City Independent, April 28, 2021) on the “real” statistics of illegal immigration.

Bell: Election losers should just move on

I have seen the nasty flags and bumper stickers about President Joe Biden!

Godlewski: Beware of these financial myths, misconceptions about retirement

Many people look forward to retirement and all the enjoyment it can bring after having worked so hard for decades.

Graham: Resident is concerned about messages in Sun City

My concerns are about the person who left a hateful, unkind note in the mailbox of an elderly person unable to correct the condition of her American flag.

Duncan: Free lock boxes available through Sun City CAN

The Mission of the Sun City Community Assistance Network is to, “Connect people with resources to enhance their standard of living.”

Ubert: Sun City golf courses need more grass

This is a suggestion to the director of golf in Sun City.

Shelledy: Virus rules should stay in place in Sun City

I am utterly amazed at Jan Elk suggesting we return to normal when the state is only 25% vaccinated with two shots.
Photo by Arianna Grainey

Bien-Wilner: Real state of short term rentals in Arizona

The short-term rental platforms are working hard to spin their recent loss. They would have you believe that they offered legislation to “fix” the STR rental problems that they created in our towns and throughout the state, only to have it rejected without reason.

Copeland: Ballot notary defeats purpose

The idea that a person who wants to mail-in their ballot has to have their signature notarized defeats the purpose of using mail-in ballots to simplify the process.
Sun City Posse member Steve Arnold, right, and Bob Kish of Assured Document Destruction help area residents dispose of unwanted papers, flyers and documents during the Sun City Posse’s Take-Back-Drugs and Shred-A-Thon event.

Sun City Posse gets back to open events

After a one-year hiatus, residents April 24 were eager to dispose of unused drugs and documents at the Sun City Posse’s Take-Back-Drugs and Shred-A-Thon.

Kepler: Sun City reader tries to correct perceptions

Having read twice now in recent weeks about the misconception of “open boarders,” let’s correct a few perceptions.
Sun City Clay Club member Pam Herman throws a pumpkin luminary at Lakeview Recreation Center prior to the pandemic. Recreation Centers of Sun City officials plan to open facilities fully May 17.

Lamb: Some employees don’t live in Sun City

The Recreation Centers of Sun City Board of Directors is looking at reopening on May 17 to give those employees 55 and younger to get their shots.

Short-term rentals are a pig in the parlor — with lipstick

Supreme Court Justice George Sutherland (who also was a former U.S. Senator and congressman from Utah) famously noted in the landmark 1926 case of Euclid v. Ambler Realty Co. that: “A nuisance may be merely a right thing in the wrong place — like a pig in the parlor instead of the barnyard.”

Kapic: ‘For the People Act’ not good for one reader

I have been reading about HR 1/S.1, the so-called “For the People Act,” which is under consideration in the U.S. Senate.

Toth: MCDOT highlights Work Zone Awareness Week

Maricopa County is one of the fastest growing counties, which means having to constantly navigate safely around work zones and orange cones.

Moore: Sun City resident asks why attack someone you don’t know?

To E. Wisniewski, in my original letter about short term rentals (“Reader offers suggestions for short rentals,” Sun City Independent, March 31, 2021), I was answering an email request for my opinion from Rusty Bradshaw and generally writing to Sun City Home Owners Association sharing my opinion at the same time.

Aschendorf: Unbelievable how far down nation has gone

I’m writing in response to the letter from Bonnie Boyles of Sun City (“Reflecting on impotent society,” Sun City Independent, April 7, 2021).

Verdier: What does COVID vaccine mean for employers?

Distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine is well underway. We all hope this is a means to an end of social restrictions and making our way back to life as we once knew it.

Wisniewski: Reader says ‘no’ to short term rentals in Sun City

This is my response to Ms. Mary Ann Moore (“Resident offers suggestion for short term rentals,” Sun City Independent, March 31, 2021) on her suggestion to use an owned home in Sun City to rent out to roomers.

Wilson: Technology Committee looks toward the future in Sun City

How many times a day does technology affect our lives? The level of comfort using technology varies across our residents.

Depasquale: Reader gives thanks to rose tenders in Sun City

I wanted to shout out a huge thank you and appreciation to the worker or workers that take care of the beautiful roses at Sun Bowl.

Sahlberg: Sun City banner needs to be replaced

I’m sending you another plea for a new Sun City flag at the corner of Grand and 107th avenues.

Romain: Sun City bikers error should have been caught

Until recently, I was the news writer for the Palo Verde Artists in Sun City and wrote all of their articles for more than three years.

Duncan: Property tax break is available for some in Sun City

The Mission of the Sun City Community Assistance Network is to, “Connect people with resources to enhance their standard of living.”

Boyles: Reflecting on impotent society

I was on hold for 45 minutes before a gruff customer service representative snapped, “Can I help you?”

Wortman: SCHOA should be mandatory for Sun City residents

Thank you for your informative and well written article (“Filling the SCHOA roster,” Sun City Independent, Marh 31, 2021).

Beaton: Pet owners should take poop bags in Sun City

To whom it may concern. Parks and Sons will not take the dog poop bag out of anyone’s trash can.

Harmer: Reader wants people to take responsibility in Sun City

Again I feel compelled to chime in on another of your articles. This one, to me, is really about what’s right and common sense.

Moore: Resident offers suggestions for short rentals in Sun City

Here is my opinion and suggestions for the Sun City Home Owners Association about the “short term rentals” debate.

Griswold: Rescue plan does not help most in Sun City

The recently enacted “American Rescue Plan” does not provide help directly to Sun City, because we are unincorporated.
beach huts and dunes

Pratt: Short-term rentals bring in problems to Sun City

I live in Sun City near 99th Avenue and Royal Oak.

Bergen: More to worry about in Sun City

I think Sun City has more important things to worry about.

Sun City Posse looking for more volunteers

This year-long pandemic has put the skids on most of what life was like in Sun City. But no more!

Amaro: Hope SCHOA enforces short term rentals in Sun City

Thank you for asking for input from Sun City residents regarding short-term rental properties (“Short term rentals on hot seat,” Sun City Independent, March 10, 2021).

Wilson: RCSC continues to be patient with COVID restrictions in Sun City

When will we lift all restrictions at RCSC? When will we allow guests at RCSC facilities? These are questions the board of directors get asked in emails or hear frequently at board meetings. I can guarantee that every board member and every senior management staff member would love to go back to normal, but that is not the safe thing to do right now.

Harmer: Vehicles at some homes out of hand in Sun City

This is my first time taking action like this but as a Sun City homeowner I have concerns as well.
Larry Kubiayk, also known as  “Ol Porch Dog," is a resident of Sun City.

“Ol Porch Dog” thanks Independent

Just wanted to thank Steve Stockmar for the story on my gig at Winery 101 recently. It was a great success and no small part due to him. There were people there that said they had seen the story …

Powell: Supports short rental legislation

I support legislation that regulates short-term rentals to owner-occupied homes (“Short term rentals on hot seat,” Sun City Independent, March 10, 2021) during the rental and that renters meet the various CC&Rs that maintain the restricted age limitations that make Sun City an attractive residential choice for seniors.

Caouette: Short rentals not appropriate in Sun City residential areas

Short term rentals (aka Airbnb or vrbo) are businesses and don’t belong in residential zones(“Short term rentals on hot seat,” Sun City Independent, March 10, 2021). This shouldn’t be complicated, it is a zoning issue.

Forrest: Restrictions were draw for Sun City

We purchased property in Sun City for the relaxing atmosphere, no out of control parties, no noise produced by people who have no respect for others and no cars racing down the streets at all hours, plus property management companies that work with the HOAs to maintain the communities.

Gray: There are responsibilities to ownership in Sun City

The idea that anyone should be able to do anything they want with their property is just selfishness.

Depesquale: Volunteers get thanks for work in Sun City

A big thank you for all the AARP tax volunteers for your time and patience in getting the seniors returns done.

Good golf starts with the grip

In golf, one of the most overlooked areas of importance is how you hold the club.

Lamont: Patient gets good treatment at hospital

I recently experience a health issue, which was very serious. This letter is about MD Anderson Cancer Center and Banner Del E. Webb Medical Center, both at 14502 W. Meeker, Blvd., Sun City West.

Turk: Only wants Sun City guest policy changed

I believe the letter (“Restrictions should stay in place,” Sun City Independent, March 3, 2021) was directed at me so I feel compelled to respond.

Sherman: Keep Sun City board sessions open to residents

I am opposed to closed meetings by the Recreation Centers of Sun City board.

Duncan: Looking for more ‘Larrys’ in Sun City

A month or so ago, I got a phone call out of the blue from a guy named Larry. He heard about Sun City Community Assistance Network’s Paint the Town program.

Victor: Sun Cities Relay for Life turns out well

Thank you to all of the individuals who joined us Feb. 21 for the Ninth Annual American Cancer Society Relay for Life of the Sun Cities drive-through in the Sun City West Foundation parking lot.

Hunter: City of Volunteers? Proud to be one in Sun City

As Sun City Home Owners Association Board of Directors president, it has been my pleasure to have the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people who give some of their time to the betterment of our community.
Most of Arizona is covered by local mandates that require wearing a mask.

Lux: Come on, just wear the masks!

The article on the front page says a first-term legislator convinced other lawmakers in our State House to ignore mask mandates. It wasn’t a lawmaker, politician or president who created …

Hug: Knights offer thanks for food donations

The Knights of Columbus, Our Lady of Lourdes Council 11809, and Valley View Community Food Bank thank all those who helped make the “Give From The Heart” food drive Feb. 13 for the local needy and hungry of the community such a success.

Wisnewski: Restrictions should stay in place in Sun City

This is in response to your story on changes sought for Lakeview park (“Changes sought for RCSC visitor restrictions,” Sun City Independent, Feb. 17, 2021).

O'Malley: Forming multiple friendships is beneficial

What is harsh? Are you emotional? Angered? Hurt? Embarrassed?

Skaggs: EPCOR is here to help you with your Sun City water issues

With many people still facing financial difficulties related to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s good to know there are programs available to help in 2021.

Hick: More positives to Sun City than written

Having lived in Sun City since 2004, I have seen and heard much that is good and some not so good.

Farris: Resident urges RCSC board to reconsider hosting Sun City vaccine

It’s a bit distressing that our administrators of the Sundial Center are relying on a principle of using a “recreation” clause to thwart the high public purpose of inoculating Sun City residence against COVID-19.

Dick: Local reps deserve respect

Mr. Shaw, your disgust with both Sen. Rick Gray and Rep. Kevin Payne (“Reader admits making error,” Sun City Independent, Feb. 3, 2021) is completely out of place.

Wilson: RCSC communication committee take on new ‘focus’ in Sun City

This year the Recreation Centers of Sun City Board of Directors repurposed one of our standing committees.
Leonard Kirschner poses near the canyon during a pre-pandemic visit to Grand Canyon National Park.

Kirschner: America’s national parks are calling, and you must go post-COVID-19

It was a year ago when COVID-19 struck and our world changed.

Graettinger: Sun City Posse takes pandemic seriously

The pandemic is a grave emergency that we at the Sun City Posse are serous-minded about.

Williamson: Walker thanks person who returned alert in Sun City

Several months ago I lost my medic alert bracelet on my morning walk.

Dumais: Sun City resident worries about access to restrooms at lake

This is an open letter to the Recreation Centers of Sun City management.

Holick: Sun City seniors need help with vaccinations

Super seniors need help in navigating the COVID-19 vaccine sign-ups.

Gerhart: How important is vitamin D in staying well?

Staying well requires a strong, balanced immune system combined with reducing exposure to pathogens.
Raoul Sada

Sada: 2021 brings opportunities for businesses

This is an open letter to all elected officials at the federal, state and local levels.

Depasquale: Do not pick fruit without permission in Sun City

Please ask before picking fruit off trees. At the corner of Camden Avenue and Cumberland Drive someone helped themselves to all the lemons off the tree on this corner house.

Mathewson: Shame on Sun City rec centers officials

The weekly Sun City Independent included an article (“RCSC will not pursue Sun City vaccination site,” Sun City Independent, Feb. 3, 2021) about the RCSC’s refusal to allow any of its recreation centers to be used as a point of distribution for COVID vaccinations.

Duncan: Census shows Sun City is going poor

The 2020 census for Sun City contains lots of interesting information. Visit worldpopulationreview.com/us-cities/sun-city-az-population.

Pates: Sun City does not compare to college town

This is in response to the letter about living on a golf course (“Living on course not what expected,” Sun City Independent, Jan. 27, 2021).

SCHOA, PORA working to protect Sun Cities residents

As the chairwoman of the Sun City Home Owners Association Government Affairs Committee it is my privilege to be a part of SCHOA’s advocacy efforts, particularly as they relate to utility rates.

Novess: Should have better way to pick state reps for Sun City

I feel compelled to respond to L Dick (“Payne is rep, did not run unopposed,” Sun City Independent, Jan. 27, 2021).

Hayes: Party hatred divides country

Sadly, the rhetoric coming from you in the letter (“Newspaper should report important items,” Sun City Independent, Jan. 20, 2021) in our local paper, I could hear you yelling.

Baxley: Resident agrees about media reporting in Sun City

This is a response to Jan Palson’s letter (“Newspaper should report important items,” Sun City Independent, Jan. 20, 2021).

Duter: Sun City Meals on Wheels off to new start

We began the new year with a new meal service provider.

Tracy: Why no COVID tests, shots in Sun City?

Why doesn’t Sun City ever get COVID-19 locations?

Duncan: Residents can get property tax refund in Sun Cities

The Mission of the Sun City Community Assistance Network is to, “Connect people with resources to enhance their standard of living.”

Cottrell: Living on course not what expected in Sun City

Just because you’re teeing off doesn’t mean you need to tee me off.

Dick: Payne is rep, did not run unopposed

Mr. Shaw, your lack of knowledge of the facts is showing (“Senator ignores those from other party,” Sun City Independent, Jan. 13, 2021).

Wilson: Looking forward to ‘normal’ in new year in Sun City

The year 2020 is finally behind us and many of us are filled with hope for good things in 2021.

Pan: Resident offers thanks for return of purse

On Sunday afternoon, Jan. 10, a kind and caring gentleman found my purse in the parking lot of Safeway in Sun City and turned it in to their customer service.

Crislip: Why older adults should set New Year's resolutions in Sun City

A new year brings new resolutions for many and those New Year’s resolutions could also lead to some health benefits.
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