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Everything you wanted to know about the World Series … but were afraid to ask

Imagine you’re at an outdoor dinner party (yes, COVID-friendly). It’s October, and the conversation steers towards the World Series. While you are generally culturally literate, you know …

Christensen: Health literacy more important than ever for Arizonans in ongoing COVID-19 crisis

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has impacted millions across the country, and Arizona has not been spared. This virus and its resulting economic fallout have put a harsh spotlight on rising health care …

Suhaysik: Driver's should slow down and drive right, right now

I’m wondering when traffic laws became optional? Folks texting while driving. Speed limits are completely ignored. Red lights are meaningless. HOV lanes obviously are there as race tracks. …

DeMolay: The U.S. Congress must do more to fight spam calls in Arizona

There are two informative articles about robocalls. One was written March 3, 2021, by Walt Hickey and is on the businessinsider website: “The Annoyance Engine: Spam robocalls became profitable …
Nonpartisan Cartoons

Nonpartisan Cartoons

The Daily Independent at YourValley.net does not take political positions. We publish political cartoons because we know readers enjoy them, and we try to present a balanced variety of opinions. We …
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Marone: Information on rules inaccurate for meetings in Sun City

This is regarding the article on the most recent Recreation Centers of Sun City board meeting (“RCSC board stalls on meeting rules motions,” Sun City Independent, Oct 6, 2021).

Doctor: Keep safety in mind during Halloween this year

Excitement is building as children and parents look forward to Halloween. Selecting costumes and buying treats are part of the preparations, but safety and healthy choices should also be part of your …

Warmath: SCHOA thankful for support in Sun City

Unfortunately, Sun City Homeowner’s Association was unsuccessful in its suits against the Arizona Corporation Commission regarding consolidation of the wastewater districts of EPCOR Water Co.

Rigler: Here’s a new resource to connect COVID-19 patients with monoclonal antibody treatments

Your best protection against COVID-19 is getting one of the safe, free and highly effective vaccines that are widely available around Arizona. Vaccination helps prevent severe illness, hospitalization, and death from COVID-19 while helping preserve health care capacity for others who need it.

Women’s Watch: Afghan women suffer more since Kabul’s fall

Since the fall of Kabul to the Taliban on Aug. 15, numerous press conferences and statements by the Taliban have assured general amnesty and respect for women’s rights, but there is a major disconnect between what was said on TV and the Taliban actions on the ground.

Smells like witch spirit: How the ancient world’s scented sorceresses influence ideas about magic today

Most perfume ads suggest the right scent can make you sexy, alluring and successful. A blend by Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs, meanwhile, offers to make you smell like Hecate, the three-faced Greek goddess of witchcraft.

McAdam: Executive session has problems in Sun City

I attended the Sept.30 Recreation Centers of Sun City board meeting at Sundial Center and left with a lot of impressions. I will mention two.

Lamber: Halloween — it's the deadliest day of the year for child pedestrians

According to AAA and the NHTSA, Halloween is the single deadliest day of the year for child pedestrians. They are three times more likely to be struck and killed on Halloween than on any other day. Contributing factors include kids on the roads, costumes that do not reflect light, distracted driving, impaired driving and inadequate supervision, among other factors.

‘West Valley Talking News’ is well loved in Sun City

Many who work to help the disabled never learn just how much they are appreciated by those they serve.

Fast: Embarrassed by what saw at meeting in Sun City

I attended the Recreation Centers of Sun City board Sept. 30 and was embarrassed by what I witnessed.

Sun City rec board president’s dislike got member booted

I don’t attend the Recreation Centers of Sun City board meetings but watch them online.

Wendel: RCSC board violating meeting rules in Sun City

There was an item on the agenda for the Recreation Centers of Sun City Sept. 13 board meeting. This meeting was adjourned before any agenda items were addressed.

Grant: Sun City resident concerned about growing area issues

I am writing to express my concern regarding the growing crime, panhandlers and homeless in Sun City.

Murrell: Board works for all Sun City owners

I enjoy the Independent newspaper every week, also the letters to the editor.

Abel: Accept disappointments, but don’t lose hope

I remember watching one of those old lunch time soap operas and there was a main character, we’ll call her Lucy, who ended up in the hospital with a horrible disease and a less than promising outlook.

Fehn: Police should go after ‘cat’ purchasers

In all previous letters written on this subject, in my opinion, they are talking about after the catalytic converter has been stolen.

Svendsen: RCSC board must not have listened to Sun City residents

I believe the Recreation Centers of Sun City meeting on Sept. 20 was like one long Peanuts cartoon.
Homeless Encampment Under the City

Schwartz: Resident stands by original letter about homeless in Sun City

The original reporting by a reporter undercover as a homeless man was done by Walter Jacobson, a journalist in Chicago.

Martin: Executive session being abused in Sun City

Executive session was developed for the purpose of being able to provide proprietary information to the board.

Cummings: Resident sees compassion as best way to deal with homeless in Sun City

First of all, thank you Meryl Musgrave (“Homeless criticism not fact,” Sun City Independent, Sept. 15, 2021). You are right.
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