Texas active shooters update - 7 dead, 20 injured


UPDATED 12:10 p.m. MST, Sep. 1

By Roger Ball

Independent Newsmedia

There were multiple shooting incidents in Odessa, Texas, Saturday afternoon. Odessa is located about 275 miles east of El Paso and 175 miles west of Abilene..

Early reports said there were at least two shooters, but investigators now believe there was only one shooter, and he has been killed. The suspect is identified only as a white male.

Police say the shooting spree began when an officer pulled over a car for speeding. As the officer approached the car the driver shot the officer and sped away.

At one point the suspect opened fire at shoppers in a shopping center. Later he hijacked a mail truck and was using that to drive around and fire more shots.

Officers said the suspect was killed in a shoot out with officers outside a movie theater complex.

Midland Police Chief Michael Gerke said three of the injured were law enforcement officers — a state trooper, an Odessa police officer and a Midland police officer. A 17-month-old child was also injured.