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One industrial proposal on Buckeye P&Z agenda


BUCKEYE — If anyone asks if the proposed Mission Park II and III industrial buildings would be located north or south of I-10, the answer would be “Yes.”

With a proposed 200,000-square-foot building on the southwest corner of Perryville and McDowell roads, and a 525,000-square-foot building on the northwest corner of Perryville Road and Roosevelt Street, the two projects are on separated land that totals 3.44 acres — with I-10 running between the two sites.

Dale Couture with Ware Malcomb, on behalf of Marwest Enterprises, LLC is the applicant. Mission Park II and III site plans are the lone hearing and action item on the agenda for Tuesday’s Buckeye Planning and Zoning Commission’s regular meeting, set for 6 p.m. Tuesday at City Hall, 530 W. Monroe Ave.

Couture is requesting site plan approval for the non-contiguous project.

The surrounding parcels are mostly undeveloped, with a few industrial sites around the north property, and homes to the west of the southern property. However, there is massive development all across the eastern part of Buckeye, including some other industrial, commercial and warehouse development close to I-10.

Luke Air Force Base, as is the case with all development in the area, is only about five miles to the northeast.

The property has a planned area development overlay on a business park zoning district designation.

Perryville Road is also known, on some maps, as 187th Avenue.

As is usually the case with site plans, there is a list of conditions the developer must adhere to. In this case, Mission Park is subject to a list of 36 conditions, a few of which are site-specific, but mostly are general safety and procedural code requirements, including not planting any types of trees on the property that are prohibited in Buckeye.

The property is at the very edge of Buckeye’s current city limits. In fact, Perryville Road has unincorporated Maricopa County-zoned land on its east side, both north and south of I-10, across the street from where the two buildings would be built.
The southern half of the approved PAD has unincorporated Maricopa County parcels on both its east and west sides.

The northern site will only have one entry and exit along McDowell Road, as it is wedged against the Perryville on-ramp to westbound I-10; a concrete drainage ditch runs along Perryville Road, under the interstate and its on-ramps, along the west side of the street.

There are no other hearing or development items on Tuesday’s agenda. Buckeye’s public meetings tend to slow down in the summer; the Buckeye City Council didn’t meet at all on July 5.

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