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Marlene Berlin


Marlene left this world at 1:43 on Thursday, February 25th, 2021 at the age of 86.
Marlene wanted her body donated to science and the remains given to myself and my sister Lisa Duran. No fanfare, no funeral, no nothing. Now that we have honored her wishes the best we could.
I will tell you what she taught me at 1:43 February 25th, 2021. There are NO coincidences. As I thanked her for adopting me, I expressed my opinion of how beautiful I think Jewish woman are. And I said to her how beautiful she was, I said, “ you know how hard we are on ourselves though”. She sighed and was gone!! She chooses at that second to give up her spirit “as if “ to agree with me. But mostly to tell me not to be hard on myself.!!! I believe that. I believe that message is for everyone. Be good to yourself is my wish for all reading this.
Marlene received a bachelor’s degree and was preschool teacher back in her youth. She also volunteered to teach refugees from Russia in the 70’s. She once took me with her, and I never forgot it.
Marlene Berlin is survived by her baby brother Arthur Glassman, a retired Colonel to boot! His lovely wife of forever Louise Glassman. Mom had many adventures with the Glassmans & Aunt Louise’s brother & wife. My Aunt & Uncle have 2 beautiful girls who grew up to be amazing people! Karen & Julie. Julie with her husband Brad have Avery & Olivia. Karen is leaving her mark with her husband Brian as 2 fantastic fur parents! Raising wonderful members of the canine society.
Marlene is also survived by Marlene is her eldest daughter Lisa Duran. Lisa & her husband another Art, gave my mother many wonderful children. Some blood, some not. But just like me and my sister who were both adopted from different people, blood makes zero difference as she has taught me in her death. Lisa and her husband Art have Brad, Raelee, Brenna & Roman. The Greats are JD & Malea, Alexa, Brittney, Little Brad, Guilanna, Arthur, Dean & coming soon, Little JJ!!!
Marlene is also survived by her youngest daughter Renee and her better half Sebastian Craynon. Renee gave her mom 1 Grandchild in the beginning but found out that she was really a mother of 5! Dakota is her youngest at 19 years old. It’s complicated, but perfect. Jeremiah, Renee’s eldest made Marlene a Great grandmother sometime last year!!! YAY!!! Renee’s other children are William & his perfect husband Derek. Her one and only Gina & her longtime loving partner Chris and finally Troy.
Marlene had so many friend and family. Please forgive me if you are not mentioned & let me know to add you in Friends & family here include: The Gratza’s. The Quills, The Berlin’s, Anthony’s, Judy Einbinder, The Fehlandt’s, Phillis, Ramona, Ann, The Murphy’s, Lacy, Eric, Crystal, Marga, Natalie, Iris & Bernie, Lynn Katz, Marcia & Bill, Deloris & George, Mickey, Ray & Carolyn, Laurie. My mother loved each and every one of you. Lisa & I thank you for your contribution to her joy and life experience.
If you wish to give to a charity, please choose you. Bless your family first before giving to a charity. Your friends and family need you. If you can, take them to PSI.
BE GOOD TO YOURSELF & those you love.