Maricopa County records 590 coronavirus cases, 6 deaths Thursday


County public health data reported 590 new coronavirus cases and six new deaths Thursday. It was the third day since Sunday with a new case total of 590 or higher, the highest figures in more than a month.

COVD-19 cases peaked in the county in late June and early July, according to the Maricopa County Department of Public Health, reaching 3,825 cases in a day on June 29. While today’s numbers still pale in comparison to that surge, the county is experiencing its largest increase in cases since the surge. The county’s seven-day daily average of new cases was 194 on Friday, Sept. 11 and increased to 545 by Monday, Oct. 19, the most recent day of complete data.

The county’s surge in coronavirus-related deaths has lagged a couple weeks after the surge in cases, as is typical with COVID-19 reporting. The county’s worst single-day death total was 69 on July 16. Daily death totals have recently declined to the level they were at before the county’s surge. In the most recent day of complete data, Monday, Oct. 5, the seven-day daily average was four deaths a day. The last time the figure was that low was mid-April.