Man contacts victims in sex trafficking case while out on bond


A man is back in custody after authorities said he contacted three of his victims in a prostitution case.

On April 15, Louis Broadway-Phillips was indicted for illegally conducting an enterprise, money laundering, child sex trafficking, sex trafficking, pandering, and receiving earnings of a prostitute.

A $25,000 cash bond had been set, but Mr. posted the bond and was released from jail May 2.

The Arizona Attorney General’s Office alleges that Mr. Broadway-Phillips, 25, knowingly trafficked for prostitution two adult victims and one minor victim from September 2017 to April 2018. The Office also alleges the young women were forced to engage in prostitution and/or sexually-explicit performances with all earnings being turned over to Mr. Broadway-Phillips.

Between Aug. 14 and Oct. 1, Mr. Broadway-Phillips allegedly contacted the same three victims that he trafficked while out on bond. The three victims reported that Mr. Broadway-Phillips contacted them, directly or indirectly, and wanted them to relinquish their victim rights and recant their original reports.

The State also alleges Mr. Broadway-Phillips offered one of the victim’s cash, food, clothes, and a ride to court if she would recant her story.

On Oct. 7, Mr. Broadway-Phillips was indicted on one count of influencing a witness, a class 5 felony, and two counts of witness tampering, class 6 felonies.

Mr. Broadway-Phillips is now jailed without bond.