INI launches Think Tank Initiative


I’ve been serving as your daily news editor at Independent Newsmedia for about 16 months.

In that time, I’ve strived to bring a conscientious approach to nonpartisan and balanced reporting. We believe in the importance of writing articles with purposeful neutrality and providing a solid understanding of all sides of a specific issue so our readers are empowered to make their own conclusions through community feedback and civil debate.

Some of the greatest stories we have covered are from news tips from community advocates like yourself. But we need your help to further our cause for great news reporting.

We’ve launched the Community Advocate Think Tank initiative, and we’re hoping you’ll join us in our effort.

Through this innovative approach to news gathering, we want to bring together our professional journalists and our passionate community advocates to embolden conversation and hold community stakeholders accountable.

We believe it’s the public’s right to know what’s going on behind closed doors of their elected officials. We want to uncover the underlying community issues that people are afraid to discuss, or just don’t have time to pursue. We want to be your community watchdog.

So please, tell us what you think. Join in our effort to bring healthy dialogue to our newsroom so we can expand our coverage to highlight issues important to you. If you’re interested in joining our Community Advocate Think Tank, please drop me a line at or @mattloeschman on Twitter.

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Thank you.