Illegal drug operation based in El Mirage leads to multiple arrests


Several people were arrested in connection with the selling of illegal drugs in the West Valley.

One of the end results was the closure of a drug house in El Mirage, according to police.

“Based on our investigation, it is clear this organization is selling as much as 1,000 fentanyl pills a month in our City and ounces of methamphetamine and cocaine,” El Mirage police Chief Paul Marzocca stated. “This investigation is substantial and has without a doubt made the city safer. We will continue to be aggressive in policing with a purpose to remove such people from our community in the future.”

According to records, Marta Lopez Diaz, 43; Cynthia Valenzuela, 28; Anthony Guadron-Lopez, 19; Crystal Ornelas, 31; and Diego Alberto Valenzuela, 19, were booked into Maricopa County jail on a slew of charges ranging from drug possession and sale to conspiracy and illegal control of an enterprise.

According to court documents, El Mirage police in December began investigating the illegal activity multiple individuals who sell, transfer, transport and conceal illegal narcotics, dangerous drugs, marijuana and money earned from sales.

The illegal criminal enterprise operated in and out of El Mirage, Peoria and Glendale, records state.

The investigation identified the suspects operating out of two residences. One was in the 11000 block of West River Road in El Mirage. The other was in the 8600 block of West Peoria Avenue in Peoria. According to records, Ms. Lopez owned both residences.

Police stated that dozens of drug-related arrests have been made at or near the El Mirage home involving illegal enterprise members or their customers. Hundreds of fentanyl pills have been seized during the arrests, as have other drugs.

According to police, a 14-year-old boy had been used to middle the drug transactions on numerous occasions.

Investigators worked to track the movements of those involved, and ultimately led to a raid on the two homes on Tuesday, March 24.

According to records, Ms. Lopez was seen at the El Mirage home with other people gathered to sell drugs from the driveway. Police wound up arresting nine people at the scene, to include Ms. Lopez.

The five named individuals allegedly admitted to their involvement in the drug activity, according to records. They were jailed in lieu of $5,000 to $15,000 cash-only bonds, according to records.