Ex-leader's release buoys Brazil's left, angers the right


CURITIBA, Brazil (AP) — Former Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva's release from jail has fired up the weakened leftist opposition, though it's likely to anger conservatives who considered his incarceration proof the country was finally serious about ending corruption.

Hundreds of red-shirted Brazilians applauded the 74-year-old politician Friday as he walked out of a federal police building. His release came less than a day after the Supreme Court ruled a person can be imprisoned only after all appeals have been exhausted.

Da Silva's 2018 jailing drove the two sides of Brazil's already polarized society even further apart, and his release is set to reignite tensions. Demonstrations are scheduled for this weekend to support the big "Car Wash" corruption investigation that has sent dozens of prominent political and business leaders to jail.