ADHS: nearly 300 new weekly COVID cases in Goodyear


The Arizona Department of Health Services reported 298 new COVID cases in Goodyear area codes this week, bringing the total number of cases to 13,398.  

Last week, 258 new cases were reported in Goodyear between Aug. 6 and Aug 13, according to ADHS data.

Daily Goodyear case numbers are calculated by adding together the ADHS reported case numbers in ZIP code 85338 and ZIP code 85395.  

More than 90% of cases were mapped to the address of the patient's residence.

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Each week, the county updates the number of residents vaccinated, and the percentage of residents vaccinated by ZIP code at

In Goodyear ZIP code 85395, 67.7% of the eligible population have received their first dose and 61% have received their second or final dose.

In Goodyear ZIP code 85338, about 62.8% of the eligible population have received their first dose and 55.4% have received their second or final dose.

Vaccination rates have increased slightly in the past week in both Goodyear ZIP codes.

The number of Maricopa County residents who have received one dose of the vaccine now outnumber county residents who have not received any does as of Tuesday, according to ADHS.

4,153,675 total vaccines have been administered in Maricopa County, according to ADHS.

For county vaccine updates or to find an appointment, click here.

State and county-wide numbers

While Arizona COVID-19 fatality rates have hovered around 2% since late May, the rate of positive tests have been risen dramatically during the past few months. According to Mayo Clinic data, the average positive test rate was just 4.19% on June 20. By July 20, that rate had climbed to 10.37%. The average positive test rate is now 13.27% as of Wednesday.

Maricopa County has seen 618,457 total COVID-19 cases since the start of the pandemic, and 10,646 deaths.

Percent positivity this week has dropped to 12%, which county health officials consider “high transmission.”  Percent positivity was 15% last Friday, July 30.

Data collected by the county show 313 positive cases per 100,000.

School District COVID-19 numbers

There at 142 reported COVID cases at the Agua Fria Union High School District, as of noon Friday Aug. 20.

118 reported cases are of students and 24 reported cases are of staff members.

  • Desert Edge: 26 total cases
  • Canyon View: 42 total cases
  • Verrado: 24 total cases
  • Millennium: 28 total cases
  • Agua Fria: 20 total cases
  • Department site: total cases

Last Friday, the district reported 76 total COVID cases.

COVID case numbers are updated by AFUHSD in real time. Access the full dashboard here.

Litchfield Park Elementary School District has not updated its COVID data since Friday, Aug. 13, when the district reported 88 positive cases of COVID and nearly 500 exposures to COVID.

On Friday Aug. 6, the district was reporting just 22 total COVID cases and 114 COVID exposures.

The district board voted Tuesday to mandate masks on LESD campuses, but left an opt-out clause for parents who do not want to have their children mask in school. 

The LESD dashboard is typically updated Friday evenings.  Access the full dashboard here.

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