Opinion: Scottsdale leaders will rise to the top of political pack following COVID-19 crisis


The harsh realities of COVID-19 are starting to settle in for residents: working from home, business and school closures and the rationing of paper products at grocery stores. Just to name a few.

The hardships and stress this is putting on our community are unparalleled in Scottsdale history. No one is sure what the actual impact will be on our quality of life. But someday, hopefully sooner than later, we will return to some semblance of normalcy.

When that day comes, who will not only help lead our city beyond the recovery process, but restore Scottsdale’s stability as well?

Scottsdale voters will soon be asked to elect people from one of the biggest field of candidates for mayor and City Council in recent memory. The leaders we choose will have to deal with the eventual consequences of this crisis.

Recognizing that should be one of the major criteria when electing candidates to manage the formidable challenges that lie ahead.

For voters to fairly evaluate candidates’ leadership skills, we suggest that candidates avoid the temptation to saber rattle and their respective supporters refrain from name-calling.

It’s important to recognize that candidates are neither morally superior nor inferior nor do they deserve to be insulted or slandered.

Of course in the heat of political campaigns that is often easier said than done.

The intensity of political competition has a knack for bringing out either the best or worst in people. However, history has always favored the leaders who rose above the fray and brought people together both during and after a crisis.

The effects of COVID19 are inescapable. No one or nothing is immune --- including political campaigns.

We hope real leaders emerge during the electoral process --- and that voters elect the most capable candidates who will meet the challenges of the post-COVID19 crisis.

Editor’s Note: Christian Serena, Barry Graham and Ryan Smith are Scottsdale residents.