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"Just Scolling" asks: "Who is Robert Fishman?" My question is: "Who is 'Just Scolling?'" Since when does a campaign use anonymous hit pieces? I do not know Robert Fishman, but it appears, based on other contributions, he is just an ordinary, interested guy who is a resident of Scottsdale. I ask again: "Who is 'Just Scolling?'"

Mr. Fishman asks legitimate questions about Barry Graham, the junior partner in the "Littlefield-Graham ticket" which is against any new construction investment in Scottsdale regardless of where it is proposed. Bob Littlefield, of course, is the guy who helped set up a GoFundMe slush fund for anonymous gifts that ended up being used for the personal benefit of a council member. Which raises a good question: In light of this connection, I wonder if Barry will vote to prohibit council members from soliciting jobs from the City; or prohibit any City employee, including Charter Officers, from giving anything of value to a council member--things that have occurred and still are allowed. The ethics code still, conveniently, has the infamous "box of chocolate" exception in it that legitimized thousands of dollars of anonymous gifts. Also, Barry is a "numbers guy" so he is well aware of the importance of construction tax revenue for maintaining low residential property taxes. Why not concentrate on these issues rather than on promoting discredited election conspiracies? So, Mr. Fishman, don't be intimidated by anonymous hit pieces written, undoubtedly, by someone associated with the Graham campaign who won't share his or her identity.

From: Fishman: A candidate without ideas or experience

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