Sandbags available in Queen Creek

Remember: Don't drive through flooded roadways or go around barricades


The National Weather Service has issued a flash flood watch for the area.

In anticipation of today's storm, as well as rain that is being predicted through the week, sandbags are available at Queen Creek Fire Station 2, 24787 S. Sossaman Road. Bring your own shovel and only fill the bags half full, according to a release.

Travel should be avoided during heavy rainfall, when possible; if travel is unavoidable, do not drive through flooded roadways or go around barricades, the release states.

Sandbags can be useful in redirecting storm water and debris flows away from your home. In order to ensure that sandbags are properly filled and maintained:

  • Fill sandbags half full. Use sand if readily available, otherwise use soil.
  • Fold the top of the sandbag down, and rest the bag on its folded tope. Take care in stacking the sandbags.
  • Limit placement to three layers unless a building is used as a backing or sandbags are placed in a pyramid.
  • Tamp each sandbag into place, completing each layer before you begin a new layer. Clear a path between buildings for debris flow.
  • Lay a plastic sheet in between the building and the bags to control the flow and prevent water from seeping into sliding glass doors.

There are limits to what sandbags can do, so remember:

  • Sandbags will not seal out water.
  • Sandbags deteriorate when exposed to continued wetting and drying for several months.
  • If bags are placed too early, they may not be effective when needed.
  • Sandbags are for small water flow protection—up to two feet.

Flood watches issued by the NWS mean to be prepared, there is the possibility of flooding in the area. Flood warnings mean to take action; flooding has been reported in the area. For more safety information and updates, visit the National Weather Service Phoenix Office at For additional information about the town, go to and follow the town on