Burden: Take survey; Queen Creek needs ride-share program


Ride-share could be coming to our Town of Queen Creek.

This is a very important subject for me as I have four special-needs kids.  Two of them need a ride to and from home every day to their day program in Gilbert.

While I can take them and my husband can bring them home, this has become very exhausting for me, our checkbook is suffering and the wear-and-tear on our vehicles is suffering.

I do know of several families that could use this service.

I have been going to the Town Council meetings every month and begging for them to look  seriously into this plan to get ride-share in Queen Creek.

Ride-share does provide services for Queen Creek but only in the undeveloped areas, what is called the Queen Creek islands in Maricopa County. At this moment they do not provide provide for the incorporated areas  in Queen Creek.

There will be a phone survey taken in Queen Creek to see if  people will utilize this service; please answer your phone and take the survey.  If you do have disabilities in your home there may be a couple more questions to answer.

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If you have not been contacted by the second week in November, please call community services.

To use the ride-share you will need to become Americans With Disabilities Act-certified.  I did this with my boys and it is an easy process.  You can call the Valley Metro mobility center at 602-716-2100 and tell them you need to become ADA-certified and they will tell you where to go online, or you can go to Valley Metro online.

This is very important for our community in the way our disabled adults will have access beyond our borders.  We do not have any public transportation in Queen Creek. Let's try to make this our first public transportation in our town.

Our town is growing but our services are not.  Please take part in the survey and help us get ride-share in the Town of Queen Creek.

Robyn Burden
Queen Creek