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Now is the time for Arizonans to get a license to fly

The deadline for domestic airline travelers to need a federally compliant form of identification is coming up in six months. Arizona Department of Transportation officials said the best time to …
The skyline of Cincinnati is shown. Travel hackers are sharing their tips on how to get more for less. [The Associated Press]

Insights from veteran travel hackers on how to spend less

Stories about people jetting off around the world for next to nothing may seem like the stuff of legend, but a dedicated group of enthusiasts is trying to make the dream of super-low-cost travel a reality.

Explore Vegan Fine Dining in the Caribbean

(NewsUSA) - Caribbean travel is back, and many favorite spots are expanding their offerings to meet a greater range of tastes and interests. If you or your travel companions are vegan, for …

Tips for Planning Winter Getaways

(Family Features) Whether you're planning a trip far from home or taking advantage of nearby attractions during a staycation, you can get more out of your adventures when you plan ahead with tips like these.

Hidden gems in Honduras offer something for every type of traveler

(BPT) - Does winter in the Northern Hemisphere have you dreaming of a tropical vacation? Honduras, coincidentally, is at its peak dry season from December to April. If you’re looking to escape …

Plane ticket prices dropped this year—here's why and how you can find deals

Ready to book that much-anticipated vacation? Bounce helps you find flight deals and details what trends are causing flight prices to decline.

Disney rides that don't exist anymore

For decades, memories have been made at Disney parks, but some rides have gone extinct. Stacker lists the top Disney attractions that no longer exist.

12 truly spectacular pools from around the world

Dolphin Pools found 12 of the world's most picturesque pools with stunning views and historical significance.

50 cozy towns to visit this winter

Stacker created a list of 50 cozy American towns to visit each winter. Towns were selected based on visitor opinions, ratings from nationwide publications, and tourist attractions.

Exploring the world of island vineyards

Plonk Wine Club takes readers on a journey to explore the most prominent island vineyards around the world, from the Canary Islands to Corsica.

Looking for a getaway? 5 reasons you should consider a European river cruise

(BPT) - Are you making travel plans for the upcoming year? You're not alone. According to TravelPulse, 41% of Americans plan to spend a lot more on leisure travel next year and two-thirds plan to …

Pediatrician-Approved Tips to Conquer Holiday Travel with Little Ones

(Family Features) To help make holiday travel with little ones more manageable, consider this guidance.

Escape to Aruba with Limited-Time Black Friday Deals

(NewsUSA) - As the post-pandemic travel surge continues, consumers are choosing to prioritize experiences over goods, according to a recent CNBC report.      The travel industry is …

Myrtle Beach welcomes visitors to create holiday traditions at The Beach this season

(BPT) - Looking for exciting new ways to celebrate the holidays this year? Why not think outside the gift box and head to The Beach. In Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, you and your family can start a …

How business travelers are extending their trips for leisure

Business travelers are increasingly blending work and play. TravelPerk compiled statistics from Morning Consult surveys to learn about this trend.

Get Ready to Soar with Snowbird Travel Tips

(Family Features) Chasing the winter sun can be a rewarding vacation experience, made even better when you can enjoy homelike accommodations. If you're considering a sunshine-filled escape this winter, consider these popular destinations.

US airports with the most delays

Stacker analyzed data from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics to find which U.S. airports have the most delays.

US airlines are cutting flights ahead of the 2022 holiday season

With travelers keen to travel post-pandemic, airlines are struggling to adjust. Bounce reviewed news announcements from major U.S. airlines on cuts and cancellations from major carriers. 

Top 6 Things Northwest Arkansas Wants You to Know About the Region

(BPT) - Rated as one of the best places to live in the country, the region is inviting travelers from all over to see what makes this corner of the Heartland a great place to explore. OZ Brands is so …

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50 cozy towns to visit this winter

Stacker created a list of 50 cozy American towns to visit each winter. Towns were selected based on visitor opinions, ratings from nationwide publications, and tourist attractions.