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U.S. Army Major General Vance Coleman


U.S. Army Major General Vance Coleman, a year-round resident of Sun City and former President of the RCSC and former President of the Sun City Democrat Club passed away from cancer, Wednesday, September 1, 2021.
Vance Coleman was proud of his ascension from being a son of a Arkansas sharecropper, who overcame the racism of the mid-twentieth century and made decisions projecting him into leadership positions in everything he did.
He volunteered for military service in 1947. After serving in Germany, he entered OCS training in Field Artillery at Fort Sill. He served with the 623rd Field Artillery where he caught shrapnel in the eye. After leaving the military he earned his masters degree and worked in various positions creating housing and educational equity for the City of Milwaukee.
In 1972 he was recruited to enter the Army Reserves where he continued to serve until he reached his 36th year of service.
Once retiring from the military, he moved to Sun City where he was an advisor on the board and then was convinced that he could help preside as president over board of the RCSC. He made great strides in making the recreation facilities more accessible and inviting to its members.
He loved his country, his family, playing golf and laughing with his friends. He enjoyed spending time with his “buddy,” Oliver, his dog.
Vance is survived by his sons, Michael and Gary and his wife, Marie Claude as well as by his daughter, Michelle. Gary is the father of Vance’s grandchildren: Alexis, Dylan and Nick.