Ask the Editor

Paradise Valley mail delivery issues are more than meets the eye


It appears legacy street names within the Town of Paradise Valley are creating some issues for residents when it comes to their mail delivery, as carriers are confusing similarly named thoroughfares.

Recently, a Paradise Valley resident wrote-in asking the hometown newspaper to look into errors made in their mail delivery.

Santana Johnson states in the past nine months, there has been a problem with mis-delivery of mail on their residential street.

“I often get mail delivered from several blocks away from my home,” Johnson stated. “I have spoken ad nauseam with the postmaster at the Hopi station. He’s very apologetic and says he’ll look into it, but nothing changes. All of the neighbors I’ve spoken with are experiencing the same problem.”

Moreover, Ms. Johnson is concerned about who may actually be getting her mail --- which includes bank statements and other personal information.

I think we all can understand the frustration and stress that would come along with this problem. Never knowing if a letter you’re waiting on will arrive, or how to track it down when it’s never delivered.

So, I reached out to the post office and town officials to seek an explanation.

The town, incorporated in 1961, features many streets with similar names --- which is what’s causing confusion, Town Manager Jill Keimach says.

Local United States Post Office Public Information Officer Rod Spurgeon says mail carriers sort and deliver mail by address, not by name.

“The similar street names and addresses in Paradise Valley could not only impact accurate mail delivery, but delivery from other providers, home services and even emergency providers,” Mr. Spurgeon. “Addresses are established by the governing municipality and we will be happy to work with them to help improve addressing standards.”

Ms. Keimach explains the mail delivered in town comes from the Hopi Main Post Office, at 8790 E. Via de Ventura; not the post office satellite location within Town Hall.

“There are a few streets in Paradise Valley that have similar names and addresses, and the Town encourages residents on a street to change their address if it is a recurring issue,” Ms. Keimach said.

“Many of the older street names were in place when the town incorporated in 1961. Some streets are similar with just different north/south, east/west distinctions and there are others that are spelled differently --- Valley v. Valle.”

Ms. Keimach says the town is trying to correct some of these issues, but all impacted residents or business owners must be willing to make the change, she says.