Meet the Judge

Football, family and law drive John Auran


Name: John L. Auran

Where I live: Town of Paradise Valley (town resident since 1987) --- currently Colonia Miramonte

Where I attended school: Minot, ND HS; U of Minnesota (Go Gophers!) and William Mitchell College of Law

How long I’ve worked in the legal profession: 38 years (admitted to the bar --- Minnesota 1981; Arizona 1987)

Why I decided to pursue a career in the legal profession: As the first to graduate from college in my family, I think I was raised to graduate from college and attend law school, so I credit my mother because I never had to think about it. Maybe it was Perry Mason! My dad was a car dealer. He thought legal training would be terrific for a business career. Because my dad was killed in a car accident during my senior year of high school, law school became a path to my career.

Why I volunteer for the local municipal court: Over 25 years ago, I was asked to join the PV court by a group from the Town Council. As a volunteer, I am able to serve my community and the legal profession in a very unique role that is both challenging and fulfilling. Our own Judge Gould says it best: “We serve [as volunteers] because we want to be here.” The role of a volunteer judge in the administration of justice focuses less on the administrative duties and more on each individual case before the court.

What is the most rewarding part of being a judge: Working with our Town staff

What I like to do in my spare time? I coach high school football (Brophy varsity coach for over 10 years)

Who was the biggest influence in your life? Why? Family: My spouse Sara as my senior partner for 32-plus years --- senior partner in the legal sense, because Sara is much younger!; my parents; our children; and undoubtedly my maternal grandmother: Nana, who was the most loving, caring and compassionate person in my life. She graciously served her family, church, community and others above herself.

What advice would you give to someone interested in pursuing a legal profession? Effective communication skills and diverse experience are essential tools for a successful legal career.