Glendale-based exhibit design company Highway 85 Creative acquires Exhibit Experts


Glendale-based Highway 85 Creative has acquired another local business, Exhibit Experts.

This move brings two exhibit companies in Arizona under one brand and one roof, making it the largest exhibit company in Arizona in terms of staff count, revenue and exhibit capabilities.

Guy Zwick, chief creative officer of Highway 85 Creative, and Eddie Lange, vice president of Exhibit Experts, have had an ongoing relationship for close to a decade. Last year, the two business leaders met to discuss the state of the industry, trends, each company’s future and potential paths forward. They discovered that, while both companies were on growth paths, Highway 85 Creative had already made investments into equipment, space, services and staff that Exhibit Experts would need to take the business to the next level. From this conversation, the details around their partnership - and this acquisition - were born.