Dr. Katz: A healthy lifestyle will be best defense against coronavirus threat

Scottsdale naturopathic doctor provides insight to a strong immune system


Coronavirus is on the verge of being the next worldwide pandemic.

Thousands of people, mostly in China, have contracted the virus. However, at least two Arizonans are suspected of having the virus.

With no known cure for this virus, researchers are working furiously to find a way to treat those with this potentially deadly infection.

And while the world is focused on a cure, not enough of the conversation is focused on the things people can do to avoid contracting the disease.

Naturopathic doctors, however, are opting to address just that.

As with most of these epidemics, the people who generally die are the people with weak immune systems. Naturopathic physicians are combating this issue by using natural and safe approaches rather than through chemicals created in the lab that just suppress our immune systems.

Naturopathic physicians take a holistic approach to treating patients and eschew from prescribing pharmaceuticals unless deemed necessary. Just like conventional medical doctors, naturopathic physicians undergo a four year medical school doctoral program. The difference is that naturopathic physicians look to natural solutions to cure any of the body’s ailments.

And our solutions to avoiding diseases and viruses such as the coronavirus are particularly prescient today as the world confronts this pandemic. I have a practice in Scottsdale where I stress to my patients that the best way to fight off something like the coronavirus is living a healthy lifestyle where a strong body and immune system can create a barrier to many different infections.

To promote a strong immune system, we must maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. An exercise regimen that combines cardio and strengthening as well as a healthy diet is an integral part to promoting a strong immune system.

A diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats while avoiding processed non-nutritious foods creates an immune system ready for whatever the world throws at us and allows our bodies to be protected from these aggressive viruses.

A treatment to consider that you may not have heard of is intravenous dosages of immune system boosting vitamins. Supplements such as vitamin C, echinacea, elderberry, and garlic are all beneficial nutrients to help fight off an infection. However, many of them are limited due to dosing restrictions and absorption ability.

When you do an IV of vitamin C, zinc and selenium, these nutrients get absorbed right into the blood stream and provide maximum immune system benefits and protection both treating and preventing many infections.

So as the world grows more concerned about the coronavirus, the best defense against this new disease is to adhere to a healthy lifestyle and build up our immune systems to fight off any attempt by the virus to attack the body.

Seeing a naturopathic physician is a great way to start protecting your health!

To find a naturopathic doctor near you, please go to www.aznma.org.

Editor’s Note: Dr. Steven Katz, NMD is a Scottsdale-based naturopathic doctor, and president of AZNMA.