Business owner donates $10,000 to Duet to support grandparents raising grandchildren


Anthony Dynar, the owner of Mane Extension Bar in Scottsdale, recently donated $10,000 in gift cards and cash to Duet, a local nonprofit, to support their grandparents raising grandchildren program.

The donation has been made with the support of 1UP Games in Mesa and Michael Pollack, real estate entrepreneur and Valley philanthropist, according to a release.

“When grandparents raising grandchildren come to Duet, they are often in turmoil,” Patricia Dominguez, director of kinship care services for Duet, said in the release. “They are often confused and scrambling to find resources and help. Duet is that life line to making sense of their situation and provide them with hope. This donation will make a huge impact to grandfamilies facing many challenges.”

Duet offers support for grandparents raising grandchildren through free-of-charge support groups, legal guidance and assistance, funds for extracurricular activities, information and guided assistance, educational workshops, and outings.

“I know what it’s like to have absolutely nothing, to be homeless, to go through the struggle to make it, and be successful. Success unshared is failure,” Mr. Dynar said about the donation. “One may not have a lot of money, but anyone can do something to help somebody else out. That’s called success and anyone can do that. After all, aren't we are all just waves of the same sea?”

To raise the funds for the donation, Mr. Dynar sold his extensive video game collection to 1UP Games, a locally owned and operated business in Mesa. Then, when his past employer, Michael Pollack, found out he was donating 100% of the proceeds to charity, he contributed $4,000 to make the donation’s total $10,000.

“When you’ve been doing this as long as Tim and I have, you meet many different video game collectors,” Nick Harron, co-owner of 1UP Games, said in the release. “I opened 1UP Games to meet people like Anthony; gamers that are good people. Anthony selling his collection seemed crazy to me at first because I know how long it takes to acquire that much stuff. To donate the money he got from selling his games to a charity is a beautiful thing.”

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