Collins: Counters commentary on elections

Posted 8/28/20

In response to Howie Verrill’s recent guest commentary (“Resident calls for reform of campaign, election laws,” Daily Independent, Aug. 26, 2020), he had a good idea in reform of …

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Collins: Counters commentary on elections


In response to Howie Verrill’s recent guest commentary (“Resident calls for reform of campaign, election laws,” Daily Independent, Aug. 26, 2020), he had a good idea in reform of campaign funding, but his idea of everyone of voting age having to donate $25 to elections has several problems: voters having no extra money, students already in debt, moms trying to make dollars stretch to feed their families, unemployed, etc.

On every tax return, there is a field where one can donate to the elections. This is a good substitute.

He attacks the Electoral College as being unfair. I would request that Mr. Verrill and others who agree go online to and research the Electoral College. You will learn a lot about the biased opinions floating around — I did. It is the fairest way to elect both the United States president and vice president that I am aware of. All who say different please educate yourselves and research how, why and when this method came into being.

The elected officials in this country are indeed elected by the majority. College can clarify this myth if you dispute this fact.

The E.C. is the 12th amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America and it takes three-quarters vote of Congress (House and Senate combined) to change an Amendment, so to change this one, lobby and write your representatives.

Another misinformation statement in Mr. Verrill’s letter: Each slave at the time the Constitution was written wasn’t free, and were not granted a vote. But he’s mistaken, they were granted the vote. Read about the E.C. to find out how. Women at the time were content to let their men do the thinking, voting and providing of income, so they were not at that time allowed or wanting to vote. When Women wanted the vote, they got the law changed.

Every vote is very important to the government in the United States. Many good Americans have fought for the right to vote as Mr. Verrill said, and I am thankful for those patriots and that every legal vote is counted.

The primary election in each state is according to the political party under which you are registered. You are able to change party affiliation anytime you want to. The federal, state or local general election is according to your choice. Even if you didn’t vote in the primary you can vote in the general election. All ballots are the same across political lines in the general election.

You do not have to vote Democrat, Republican, Green Party, Independent, etc., but are able to vote for a person of your choice; even a write-in candidate.

Coralyn Collins
Sun City